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Vibratory Roller

Vibratory rollers - Make your way to smooth driving pleasure!

There are some important points to consider with LUMAG professional vibratory rollers:

1. efficient compaction: LUMAG vibratory rollers provide efficient compaction of soil and asphalt. They are equipped with powerful motors that enable high vibration frequency and compaction force. This allows you to achieve uniform compaction quickly and reliably.

2. robust construction: LUMAG places great emphasis on the robustness and durability of its vibratory rollers. They are made of high-quality materials and can withstand the tough demands of construction site operation. The solid housing and durable components ensure a long service life of the machines.

3. user-friendliness: LUMAG vibratory rollers are designed to be user-friendly and easy to operate. They feature ergonomic controls and well-placed handles to ensure comfortable and efficient operation. In addition, they are easy to maneuver, which facilitates handling on the job site.

4. versatility: LUMAG offers a wide range of vibratory rollers for different applications. There are models with different roller widths and compaction forces to meet individual requirements. From smaller job sites to larger road projects, LUMAG has the right solution.

5. safety: user safety is LUMAG s top priority. Therefore, the vibratory rollers are equipped with various safety features such as emergency stop switches and guards to ensure safe working. They also provide good visibility and stability during operation.

When choosing a professional vibratory roller from LUMAG, you can count on quality, performance and reliability. The company s many years of know-how and the continuous development of its products ensure that you get a reliable and effective tool for your compaction work.

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