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Stone Cutting Saws

Stone cutting machines - Cut stones precisely, efficiently and in no time!

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There are some important points to consider when buying a professional stone cutting machine from LUMAG:

1. precision: LUMAG attaches great importance to precise cutting. The stone cutting machines are equipped with high-quality cutting blades that enable clean and precise cuts. This gives you professional results without fraying or uneven edges.

2. performance: LUMAG stone cutting machines have powerful motors that enable efficient and fast separation of stones. Whether it s natural stones, paving stones or concrete slabs, LUMAG machines handle even challenging materials with ease.

3. robustness: LUMAG stone cutting machines are designed for professional use and are characterized by their robustness and durability. They are made for hard everyday work and can withstand intensive use.

4. safety: LUMAG also has safety in mind when developing its stone cutting machines. The machines are equipped with various safety features, such as guards, emergency stop switches and protective hoods. This allows you to work safely and securely.

5. user-friendliness: LUMAG makes sure that its stone cutting machines are user-friendly. They are easy to operate and provide comfort during the working process. Ergonomic handles and intuitive controls ensure pleasant and efficient use.

6. versatility: LUMAG offers a wide range of stone cutting machines with different cutting lengths and depths. This allows you to choose the model that best suits your specific needs. In addition, many machines are equipped with adjustable cutting heads or angular guides to allow different angular cuts.

When choosing a professional stone cutting machine from LUMAG, you can count on quality, performance and reliability. The company s many years of experience in the industry are reflected in its high-quality products, which have been specially developed for professional use.

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